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Keys to Injury Prevention


Injuries occur to our bodies throughout our lifetime during work and leisure activities. These are sometimes obvious but also can occur of the result of a faulty movement pattern performed repetitively over time or due to a muscle imbalance. Part of the physical therapy evaluation and treatment strategy is to assess the patient to determine the factors related leading to their current condition.  Often times the pain that the patient is experiencing maybe something that has occurred on and off over time and is increasing in frequency and intensity.  

As physical therapists our main goals are to assist with healing, provide pain relief and to prevent re injury.  Through our evaluation, we explain the diagnosis so that the patient understands what it means to them specifically and how their day to day activity can impact their healing.  Truly understanding what is happening in the body helps prevent reoccurrence For example, if the patient has a herniated disc in the lumbar spine, we would explain the exact pathology, prognosis and how to manage it.  The management comes in the form of physical therapy treatment directly to the injured region and may include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, neuro reeducation, dry needling, as well as, education on prevention of re-injury. The goal is to ensures the best long-term outcomes for the patient.

The key to the Specifically prevention of re-injury is to address the original cause of injury and correct the imbalance and improper movements that led to it.   Returning to our example of a herniated disc in the lumbar spine, if it had occurred with lifting, the physical therapist would instruct the patient on proper lifting mechanics and back protection techniques step by step to identify areas that need correction. This same concept applies to any joint in the body and with any mechanism of injury.  

At Catalyst Physical Therapy we believe that to be successful we have to treat the patient as a whole.  We incorporate neuro re-education, movement retraining, posture correction and exercise prescription that not only assist with healing and reduce pain, but also prevent re-injury.




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